About Lightcase

We like making things.
We like making things better even better.

Lightcase (Released 2014)

Our first Lightcase was made for people who wanted to be able to get professional photographic results using a smart phone and an inexpensive flat-pack, pop-up photo booth. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and sent 1,341 Lightcases out into the big wide world. Then we were inundated with so much positive feedback from the global maker community so we started thinking about how we could make Lightcase better.

Lightcase Pro (Released 2015)

Using really diverse feedback from our customers who were using the original Lightcase we
decided to make it 175% bigger and expandable — you can fit four together to make one
very large Lightcase. After another successful Kickstarter campaign we sent 678 Lightcase Pro to crafty, arty, photo peeps all over the globe.

Lightcase #Flatlay (To be released)

You asked for it and we’re delivering! Instagram is so hot right now and so is ‘flatlay’ — an ordered, structured way to arrange items for photography. Lightcase #Flatlay has no base so you can pop it over any surface and get endless bespoke backgrounds. You’ll be able to #Flatlay #LikeABoss. We’re launching our Kickstarter campaign for Lightcase #Flatlay on 6 September 2016 and we hope you’ll support us.

Support our 2016 Kickstarter campaign for Lightcase #FlatLay (coming soon!)

#FlatLay tips and tricks (coming soon!)

About the Inventor

Dom Crinson — father, artist, designer, inventor

Dom has always been thinking, tinkering, designing, making and, well, dreaming.

Commercially he has made a name for himself in the UK interior design world with his range of ceramic tiles for high end luxury residential and commercial spaces. Back in 1996 he invented a process for digitally printing onto ceramic tiles. This has been able to fund his true passions of art and ceramics where he has also gained significant worldwide praise.

Though at the moment he is focussed on making Lightcase better. It all started because his maker partner was looking for a way to photograph her wares to sell online in places like Etsy. Lightcase grew out of trial, error, feedback and success via working with his local maker community.

There are now 3500 Lightcases worldwide.
Still, he can’t sit still.
Inventors never do.

He has two sons, ten chickens and several thousand bees.

You can see more of where Dom’s passions lie on his other website: